• Surfing Barbados – Charge The Weekend

    Surfing Barbados – Charge The Weekend

    Lutz, Pablo, Herve and Saul, 4 consultants turned into 4 surfers. The surf crew started as 2, then 3, then 4 of them were coming for a surf lesson.

    The breeze was howling and the swell was expected but not arrived in full yet. We got to use out choice location Freights Bay, shallow water, sandy floor and long rides.

    Pablo had been for a surf with me before and had a head start on the rest of his colleagues. Pablo chose to raise the stakes a little and use a performance longboard to test his surf skills. I am sure Pablo will not mind me saying that he found it challenging to begin with. With a little nudge Pablo was back on track and leading the guys and showing them some nice long rides. Close behind him were Lutz and Saul. Herve took a little while to catch some confidence but once he got one wave under his belt and figured out his timing was up there with the rest of the surf team.

    The guys surfed until they were shattered. Lutz was in the zone and eager for more. I feel he didn’t realise he had been working hard all morning and actually was in need of lunch.

    A perfect surf from the whole surf crew. Well done guys!