• Chloe and Adam Surfing Barbados

    Chloe and Adam Surfing Barbados

    Chloe and Adam came for a surf with us last week and did they pick a day to come surfing.

    We had to use Freights bay. There were no other options. The swell was big and the south coast was pumping! Freights was a s good as I had seen it for the whole winter. I was in two frames of mind whether to close beginner sessions for the day and reschedule when the swell had dropped. The beauty of Freights is you can always give it a try and see how beginners get on. If its too much there is always a safe way to exit the water.

    The surf team was keen and I knew it was worth a try. We hugged the shallows under the cliffs so that we could dodge the wash and current on the inside from the bigger set waves rolling in. From the hill we had watched plenty of surfers a get washed to Miami beach after getting caught the wrong side of a set.

    On the larger conditions it took Chloe and Adam a couple of waves to feel out the location and find a good one. Once the guys were moving they didn’t stop. They battled through the breakers, made steep take offs and scored some long rides.

    Big respect to Chloe and Adam for paddling out alone even more respect for the way they performed. They out shone all of the other beginners and intermediates in the Bay.

    Good job guys!