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Why Surf With Ride The Tide Surf School Barbados?

Most anybody can learn some surfing from just about anyone that knows a little something about surfing. If it is right or wrong is another matter all together!

But that doesn’t really matter to a newbie surfer. Most of them just want to have fun!

So, why surf with Ride The Tide Surf School Barbados?

Well, we make it fun!

It’s what we do and we probably do it better than anyone else (we have been told so!). We like to have fun and so do most of our surfing guests. It’s pretty much a guarantee that when you join our surf school from surfing lessons you will probably have some fun!

Oh yeah, and you will learn to surf also…while you are having fun.

Surf School Barbados

Surf School Barbados

We can be serious about coaching and technique but our bottom line is fun and learning by doing.

How do we do this?

I think it is simple really, I like to say that we learn by doing. So we get in the water and get busy surfing! We do start our surfing lessons with a bit of a beach brief and practice demo but like to spend as much time as possible in the water surfing.


Our beach brief is unique to another surf school in town. It is quick, concise and to the point. There are some need to know points in there, sure, but we like to give our surfers just enough to get them surfing and fill in the gaps as we go and when it becomes necessary.

Surf School Barbados

Surf School Barbados

Our beach brief is 15 mins or less, I know because I timed it! Any longer than 15 mins and you are bored and I am bored and surfing is becoming boring before you have even tried it. That is not what Ride The Tide Surf School is about, that is not what Dwayne and myself are about!

Surfing time, in the water you will always have a surf coach there to help you catch waves and coach you through anything that will make your next wave better than your last! Of course, if you are cracking it quickly and surfing well we will keep you moving forward and progressing with in water coaching so you can grow your bag of surfing moves.

Surf School Barbados

Surf School Barbados

The only thing we cant do is turn you into Kelly Slater in one surf lesson session. It takes us about 2 surf lessons in most cases to get you onto the world tour.

We will GoPro film your surfing lesson so that you can watch yourself over and over again! The Gopro has changed everything about action sports and self capture content.

I like it, surf coach Dwayne likes it, who wouldn’t like to see themselves surf?

On a fun note laugh at yourself and your mates getting it wrong or getting it right. But, also, on a serious surf school side of things it can be very useful for post surf lesson analysis and coaching progression. (Those big words didn’t sound much like fun)

After you have caught ever wave in the ocean and before your arms fall off with fatigue we like to find each surfer a stella wave or heat winner to the beach where we keep a case of cold beer juice and water waiting to celebrate and cheers your surfing success!

Surf School Barbados

Surf School Barbados